Joseph Pilates trained Romana Kryzanowska. And Romana Kryzanowska trained Jan Leahy. And Jan Leahy is going to train you. That’s what Classical Pilates means.


Jan was certified after 700 hours training and has been practicing and teaching Pilates for over twenty years. She has taught students and trained teachers all over the world.

In Paris, she helped train the country’s first batch of Kryzanowska-certified teachers, and in South Carolina she implemented her own teacher-training program. She managed one of Manhattan’s most successful Pilates studios before opening Henry Street Pilates in 2009.

Henry Street Pilates expanded in 2016. In 2019 Henry Street Pilates expanded their class repertoire to include strength-training, stretching and cardio components and in doing so became the one stop spot to full-body fitness, hence the name change to Henry Street Fitness.

Jan is a neighborhood fixture for over 10 years and a fitness rarity: a boutique fitness owner expanding during an influx of fitness chains and a master instructor who can make you laugh while she’s kicking your butt.

What is she like as a teacher? Jan is all about the flow, the laugh and the next level. Her vibe is part rock star and part been there done that, let’s move on.

"Imagine Lucille Ball, Carole Lombard, and Marie Curie coming together into a shining force of nature that will guide, nurture, TEACH the art of Pilates. This laser beam is Jan, exhorting & exacting, analytical & creative, hilarious & kind. Pilates with Jan goes beyond fitness or exercise--it becomes the most empowering, enriching thing you do all day!"

"Jan really is an omniscient super-hero-like healer who also happens to be really funny and motivating, making us laugh every class. She sees everything and zeros in with laser-like accuracy making corrections which make each exercise find its most effective (ouch) but correct position."


"Jan's enthusiasm and energy are infectious. I go to HSP not only for her excellent instruction and creative classes, but because she's truly a joy to be around. She's hilarious, and even though it only makes it tougher to do the ab series while laughing throughout, your body will thank her for it."

"Jan is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. If I have a conflict and can’t get to one of those early morning classes I am miserable. Starting the day, and often the week, with Jan before the sun is up gives me energy and strength that carries me through the week. And I always feel an inch taller on my walk home."