PILATES & THE TOWER: Beginner, Open, Intermediate, Advanced, and Express 30.


BELLS & CHISEL: Use the kettle bells and weights for a full body and cardio blast. strength and cardio

BREAST CANCER & RECOVERY: For women in treatment for or recovering from breast cancer.

HUSTLE & FLOW: Hustle through this Pilates flow class set to music. strength and cardio

PILATES & TRX: Total Body Resistance Exercise. Use the TRX for eye-popping results. strength and cardio

SCULPT & SIMMER: Sculpt your muscles with cardio intervals. strength and cardio

SPRING & LOAD: Strengthen your body using the Tower equipment for every exercise. strength

STEADY & ROLL: Challenge your balance, define your abs and roll out your muscles. strength and stretch

STRETCH & FLEX: Increase your range of motion and flexibility. stretch

WEIGHTS & SEAT: Target your legs and butt in this strength training session. strength and cardio