TRX is an amazing invention and very much in the spirit of the history of Pilates. In order to keep his men fit while out in the field and far from gyms, Randy Hetrick, a Navy SEAL, literally stitched the first TRX together from an old jiu jitsu belt and some parachute webbing.

With the addition of an adjustable canvas strap, the Pilates Tower becomes a TRX resistance frame.  In TRX, you use your body weight for a resistance workout affecting every single muscle group. The beginner can work out right alongside the seasoned athlete because every exercise can be adjusted to just the right resistance. And, as with Pilates, we are constantly vigilant that the joints are protected.

Just like HSP Pilates, you will be in a class of 7, receiving close attention from a certified instructor.

All classes are taught by HSP's TRX-Certified Instructors Jan Phillips and Megan Krauszer and Brooklyn's celebrated and supremely fit personal trainer Germain Phanord.  These three have decades of combined teaching experience and are certified specifically in TRX.