Henry Street Fitness offers classes that include target strength-training, stretching sequences and cardio intervals. We consider it our job to get you the body you want.

Strength Training

Spring & Load. The hardiest of our Tower classes. The “every” class. It is designed to use the Tower unit for every exercise, to define every muscle group, every time.

Pilates & TRX (Total body resistance exercise). Pilates exercises on the TRX plus conventional weight training moves. TRX has all the benefits of Pilates with the instability and cross-training of the strap. You can on and off-load your body weight and it is perfect for working parts of your body that may be off limits due to injury like the knees and back. This class brings an HITT intensity and cardio component to your strength training.

Weights & Seat uses hand weights and the springs to hone the body, paying particular attention to your lower half.

Sculpt & Simmer class is a fast-paced, nonstop class of multifunctional movements and high repetitions to shape the body and keep the heart rate up.


Stretch & Flex is entirely devoted to stretching your body into balance, increased range of motion, proper alignment AND your mind to a seriously happy place.

Steady & Roll. Our trademarked class is all-out roller attack on tight muscles. Truly challenging abs and stability exercise with the reward of toxins, stress, and muscles released.

Get your heart rate up.

Pilates & TRX includes cardio intervals and HIIT training. Sculpt & Simmer has a brisk pace throughout the class and cardio intervals between the exercises. Hustle & Flow, Jan’s signature class, is fast flow class set to music that has you sweating and your heart and you humming.