Joseph Pilates believed in starting exercise lying down where there is the minimal amount of stress on the joints. Once that was mastered, you could begin to move your body any number of ways depending on your placement of it.

The Reformer looks like bed-frame with a mat on top, called the carriage, that you can either lay down on, sit, kneel, or stand on top of to move the carriage in and out depending of the position of your arms and legs.

As a new client, the Reformer is an excellent way to be introduced to Pilates. Nothing beats the one-on-one attention for learning the fundamentals and proper form from the get go. As a client with an injury, the Reformer is often used in conjunction with rehabilitation. And as a general rule, the Reformer is kinder on the pregnancy body, enabling you to do more of exercises the farther along you get. And then there is the client who only wants to do Reformer work, 3X a week. We love you. Whether you are new, injured, pregnant or a Reformer junkie, working one-on-one on the Reformer is the best thing for you.