Strong OPTIMIZED Body? Yes, Please.

Try 2 Specialty Classes* or a Monthly Unlimited Pass for a sculpted body that is as flexible as it is strong.

If you’re new to Henry Street Fitness, take advantage of our newcomer specials! Try 2 of our Specialty Classes for free or get a Monthly Unlimited pass for just $175.

*Specialty Classes:

BELLS & CHISEL: Use the kettle bells and weights for a full body and cardio blast.

BREAST CANCER & RECOVERY: For women in treatment for or recovering from breast cancer.

HUSTLE & FLOW: Hustle through this Pilates flow class set to music.

PILATES & TRX: Total Body Resistance Exercise. Use the TRX for eye-popping results.

SCULPT & SIMMER: Sculpt your muscles with cardio intervals.

SPRING & LOAD: Strengthen your body using the Tower equipment for every exercise.

STAND & DELIVER: Stand and build total body strength.

STEADY & ROLL: Challenge your balance, define your abs and roll out your muscles.

STRETCH & FLEX: Increase your range of motion and flexibility.

WEIGHTS & SEAT: Target your legs and butt in this strength training session.

“In 10 sessions you feel better, 20 sessions you look better,
30 sessions you have a completely new body.”
– Joseph Pilates



About the Studio

Henry Street Fitness is an intimate, inclusive, and judgement-free fitness studio in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Founder Jan Leahy is a neighborhood fixture and fitness rarity: a classically-trained, master instructor who can make you laugh while she’s kicking your butt. The workout is physically rewarding, the vibe is informal, and the clients are loved and pushed often. Henry Street is for anyone who wants their Pilates serious but not a lot else, and who wants to work hard and laugh harder. Prepare to leave class motivated, stronger, and bolder.