Fitness should be a pleasure.

HSP is a studio. It's intense, effective, complete, and safe. Cardio, core work, stretching, and yet you’re in and out in under an hour. You look great. You feel great, stronger, more flexible, more sculpted. Your friends see the results. HSP is not a chain. There are no TVs, no cell phones, no waiting for equipment or jockeying for space at the barre, no herds of spinners, no teachers screaming into a microphone from a memorized script. Clients get personal attention from master teachers certified by the most rigorous programs. It's friendly. It's for men and women, for beginners and athletes, with no atmosphere of intimidation or competition.


Henry Street Pilates offers Classical Pilates and TRX suspension classes. Our clients develop core strength, sculpted physiques, flexibility, and cardio fitness. We offer group Pilates classes on the Tower unit. The maximum class size is 9 students to one teacher. We also offer private and duet Pilates sessions on the Reformer. For TRX, our classes are limited to 6 clients to one instructor. Our clients get great results because our eagle eyes are on them from start to finish. If you haven't been corrected 5 times in class, you are not at Henry Street Pilates.


Henry Street Pilates teaches real, classical Pilates as conceived by Joseph Pilates himself almost a century ago. A body builder, boxer, and circus acrobat, Pilates developed a series of precise exercises, to be performed one after the other without pause. Balancing strength and flexibility, Pilates designed a life-long fitness regimen.



TRX (Total body Resistance eXercise) is the perfect complement to Pilates or as a stand-alone regime. TRX builds strength from head to toe, increases flexibility and balance, provides a fierce cardio kick, and sculpts lean, long muscles. With just an adjustable canvas strap, you will use your body weight for a resistance workout for every single muscle group.